Thursday, April 04, 2013

Luck for you!

Here are my husband and I taking a few pictures in Hong Kong.

Here is a "fake monk" accosting my husband.  lol  He touched him on the forehead, and a couple of other places and said, "Luck!"  "Luck for you!"  I know he wanted money, but we didn't appreciate his intrusion.

It's nice to be home now, but can I just say how wonderful Hong Kong was?  Wow I would love to have the chance to live there and really learn my way around.  What a beautiful city!


Grannymar said...

At least he managed to get the colours right.

Rummuser said...

I visited HK twice in the nineties Delirious and enjoyed both visits. I would very much like to go again.

Inklings said...

You are seeing some beautiful places! I'm glad you are getting those experiences.

Nene said...

envy :0)

Looney said...

I have been through the airport a few times, but never had a chance to stop and visit. Maybe one day.

Hope you had a good time shopping!