Sunday, March 31, 2013

April Fool's

This morning a woman in our church group called me and told me that her husband had just called and said that the taxi he was in got in an accident.  Coincidentally, that morning she had told him that she felt like he might get in a taxi accident.  He said that he was stuck, that he couldn't get out of the cab.  He was waiting for the fire engine to come.  She called me because she was hoping I could go translate for him in case he was injured.  My husband had just left for work, so I called him and asked him to drive over and see if this man needed help.  The woman called me back and said that her husband was texting her, but thought his phone was broken because he couldn't receive calls.  She texted back and asked if he was hurt.  Just then the door opened and he walked in saying, "April Fools!"  She told him he had to call my husband and tell him  he didn't need his help afterall.  She called me to let me know. I said, "Just tell him one thing from me, 'When you least expect it, expect it.".  :)

So while this was happening, I was chatting with my siblings on SKYPE.  I asked them if they had an idea for me to prank my 14 year old son today.  My brother gave me a suggestion which I used with great effect. We have been looking in to a school for my son to attend this next quarter.  When my son got up this morning I said, "Oh, your new school wants a urine and stool sample.  So get one of those ziplock bags out of the drawer and use that."  But dang it all, I couldn't keep a straight face and I burst out laughing!  Well, at least those few seconds of the look on his face were worth it.  :D


Looney said...


Max Coutinho said...

LOL LOL urine and stool sample in a bag? LOL *nodding*...I can imagine your kid's face.

Hi D,

I never remember Fool's Day, so I would probably fall for the first prank as well; although I believe it is a dangerous one.


Rummuser said...

I was safely ensconced in a cottage far away from home and in the company of someone closer to my age and very serious. Had I been home, I am sure that my son would have come up with something equally bizarre!

Nene said...

I'd have love to have seen his face!