Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

It's hard to have Easter in a country that doesn't celebrate Christian holidays.  There are no Easter decorations for sale.  There aren't any Easter cards, or Easter candy.  But in some ways, the lack of commercialism is nice.  It's helps us to focus on the real meaning of Easter.

That said, we did manage to keep up a few of our Easter traditions, although not all.  I'm really missing making homemade chocolate covered marshmallows.  But my son and I did dye some eggs.  We only had food coloring, vinegar, and water, but I think they turned out pretty good.  (and we used crayons)

Having just had my father pass away, I'm very grateful for the atonement/resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Living in a country where most people do not have this knowledge makes me appreciate even more the blessing of having the peace that comes from this knowledge.  Happy Easter to you all!


Looney said...

Happy Easter!

Joanne said...

I enjoyed the peaceful reminder of the significance of Easter and confirming our faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. Thanks.