Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dog Decisions

So I haven't decided yet what to do about my dog. I know....I only have a few weeks left. But what I keep thinking is that I have wanted this dog for most of my life, and I really don't want to give her up. I really like her, and I'm really not sure if anyone else would be able to handle her. She's a big dog; 83 pounds! I have trained her the way I do things, and I literally would need to train a new owner on how to work with her. At this point I am seriously considering taking her with me.

Here is the funny part: My husband sent me an email today that included information about the apartment he rented for us, and part of the agreement is that we agree to take care of the owners' dog! It looks to me like a poodle, but may even be a Bijon Frise, or mix of both. Not really my first choice in a dog, but my husband said it is friendly. I am questioning if it would get along with my dog, and if not, then what do I do?

The owners of the apartment are from Taiwan. They bought this apartment and have lived there for some time, but now are returning to Taiwan. Taiwan does not allow the importation of dogs. That kind of worries me, because if we needed at some point to move to Taiwan, I wouldn't be able to take my dog with me. Although frankly, it was never our intention to move to Taiwan, so why am I worrying? Are you getting the feeling that I'm thinking this out while I'm typing? You are right! lol

Decisions, decisions....


Max Coutinho said...

Hi D,

I would take my dog. But then again, I am the sort of person who treats her dogs as members of the family (wherever I go, they go).
And your dog is so cute, look at her: she'd miss you terribly.

Anyway, you will decide what's best.


Ursula said...

Wouldn't want to be in your shoes. And how will you and your dog continue to grow to look more like each other if you were separated?

The darned thing about any pet is that you can't consult them as to their wishes. I once put our two cats into a swish 'hotel' whilst we went on holiday. Mother cat was fine, her son (neutered, and one would have thought a little sedate) was not so fine: On our return the cattery owner handed me a bag with the remnants of a pillow which I had provided as a sort of comfort blanket. Apparently he had butchered it with his claws within the first 24 hours and howled every night. Great. After that, whenever I went away, I let the neighbours look after both cats.

I am sure the above was terribly helpful to make up your mind.

Good luck. I'd take your dog into my care except, I believe, the UK's quarantine laws are terrible.


Anonymous said...

Your love for this dog is your answer. I think you should take your dog see what happens.
Blessings - Maxi