Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Light

The other night my kids wanted me to watch a scary movie with them. I had kind of wanted to see it anyway because it stars Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame. It's called "The Woman in Black". It's rated PG-13, so I wasn't sure how scary it would be. My two younger sons had already seen it in the movie theater, and they told me it was VERY scary. My one son even went so far as to say that I might lose control of my bladder during it. (Although my kids think that isn't difficult at my age.)

My 19 year old son took his best friend with him to see it. About 1/4 of the way through the movie, his friend took off his sweatshirt, turned it around, and put the hood over his face. He pulled out his I-pod and put the earphones in his ears, and stayed that way for the rest of the movie. My son told me that he, himself, probably saw about 3/4 of the movie, but had to hide his face for the rest. My younger son said he kept his eyes open for the entire movie, but that it was indeed very scary.

My kids insisted that we turn off all the lights and watch it in the dark. I have a big screen television in my bedroom, so we all crowded on to my bed to watch it. It probably did help a little to be sitting close together during it.

You probably can imagine my feelings while I watched the movie. I had been told that it was VERY scary, and that I would be terrified. The anticipation was intense. And frankly, I think I have a good imagination, and my brain conjured up fear of the horribly scary things I would see. People always say that Hitchcock was the "master of suspense". I do think that the anticipation, and the suspense of what MIGHT happen is far more powerful than the actual image. So as the movie progressed, I was very scared about what MIGHT happen.

But I have to be honest, and say that the movie itself wasn't really that scary to me. There were a few moments where something would jump out of nowhere, and I would yell, but the actual image wasn't that scary, just the surprise was scary. Nothing I saw stayed with me after the movie, and I wasn't "haunted" by any of the images. I could watch it again, and not cover my eyes at all this time.

My kids, on the other hand, were scared after the movie was over. They jumped up and turned on all the lights. My younger son was very cautious as he went in to the dark bathroom. Of course we all laughed when we watched him. All of the kids were hesitant when they went out in to the dark hall. The quickly flipped on all the lights.

I decided to go out in the back yard with the dog for a minute. My son teased me about going out in the dark alone. I wasn't scared in the least. Maybe I have a tolerance for scary movies. Or maybe I'm just FEARLESS! :)

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The Old Fossil said...

LOL My wife was raised Catholic and I was raised Protestant. We saw The Exorcist and it really scared and haunted her. Not me.

I think we all have separate irrational things that creep up out of the deep dark recesses of our early past to grab us by the toe!

Vid said...

I never really understood the point of scary movies... They occasionally startle me, but only a couple times a movie. They never actually psychologically scare me.

Anonymous said...

We all tend to exaggerate at times, which probably happened about this movie. Plus the fact that you're Fearless, D.
Blessings from new LBC member - Maxi

Rummuser said...

Time to make a family movie called the Fearless Mom?

Nene said...

Do you think there was anything in that movie that scared teenagers more and didn't scare you because you were older - like something you didn't relate to or something you understood more? Just wondering what the difference was....

Delirious said...

I'm not sure, but I thought "The Sixth Sense" was scarier than this one. I mean, there are a couple of ghosts in this one that you see in the background, and one even comes screaming toward you. But for some reason, it wasn't as scary as the sixth sense ghosts. Maybe it was the setting? I don't know Nene, I think you should watch it and see for yourself. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hee hee - funny.
"Hey, let's split up and explore this dark and suspicious cellar."

Grannymar said...

I wonder if I missed the 'scared' gene, or if having to be grown-up and look after my younger siblings so much, helped me suppress it completely? I never liked the scary movies, more because of the screeches around me than the movie itself, so I avoid them altogether.