Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Grannymar said...

"The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World" is a poem by William Ross Wallace in praise of motherhood.

Rummuser said...


Max Coutinho said...

Hi D!

I agree. And I am going to assume this post was generated by Hilary Rosen's poor comment she made about Mrs Romney.

The minute she said it, I was like "oh-oh, that came out so wrong!" it seemed like she was attacking all stay-at-home mums (but she probably wasn't, yet it came out wrong and it backlashed).
I even had a debate on Twitter with one of her fans (I suppose) who was using silly arguments (like "it must be hard work when you have nannies, maids and chefs working for you" - as if all stay-at-home mums had help; and even if they did, that doesn't mean they just sit and laze around...can you believe it?)

Ah, people...people...*nodding*


Delirious said...

I got your comment through my email Shackman, I got your comment by email, but I'm not sure why it didn't show up here. But frankly, I totally agree with Gordon B. Hinckley. Who is going to remember the CEO in 30 years? Not too many. But the impact a mother makes on future generations is endless. And the opportunity to shape a life, shape a mind, shape a generation, is far more important than worldly fame. I know there are those who need to work to support their family, but there are also those who yearn for worldly fame, which really isn't that satisfying in the long run.