Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Loose Bloggers Consortium: Dance

I will freely admit that when it comes to dancing, I seem to have two left feet. But I've always been fascinated with tap dance. I think my son was too, because when he was a little boy, watching Savion Glover dance on Sesame Street, he used to get out his "church shoes", and a wooden board that I had, and he would pretend to tap dance. I decided to take a tap dance class in college. Although I felt quite awkward, I really did enjoy it. In our class, we were asked to partner up with another student and to perform with them for our assignments. I partnered with a red headed guy who wasn't much more agile than me, so we made a good team. We were friends with another partnership, and we would all work together to practice our dance steps. I remember that for the final exam, the other team really went all out. First of all, they wore matching bows on their shoes, and wore costumes they had put together. They also had devised a gadget that would shoot a pen out of the cuff of their sleeve during the "finale" part of the dance. I don't think that helped their grade much. But they were more coordinated than me and my partner, so they did get a good grade. I think I would like to try tap again at some time in my life. I may never be a fancy dancer, but I sure will enjoy the process! Check out this clip of Savion Glover. He is awesome! If you would like to see how the other consortium members danced their way around this topic, please visit the following links.
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Grannymar said...

Wow! What talent. Wish I could move like that.

Rummuser said...

One of the few skills I never got around to acquire though I too was fascinated with tap dancing. It is tough though you would not know it is seeing such accomplished dancers do it so effortlessly.

blackwatertown said...

Well, that's the floor ruined.
I missed that Friday deadline - I hadn't a decent internet link - but I'm back.