Saturday, September 11, 2010

Blessings From Paying Tithing

My husband and I have always paid tithing, which for us is 10 % of our income. We have often seen direct blessings from this. Others might question if the blessings we really got were from tithing, but all I can say is that when the blessing comes, we both instinctively know that it was from paying tithing. The Lord said in Malachi, "Prove me". Basically, He was saying that if you don't believe you will get blessings from paying tithing, then test it out for yourself and see.

So today we got a blessing from paying tithing. Before we took my daughter to Utah, we started having problems with our van. Whenever we went to start it, it wasn't turning over. We nursed it along for weeks, and were able to get it started each time that we needed it. I have to admit that I prayed for it to work for us while we were on our trip to Utah. The Lord did bless us, and it didn't break down on us while we were on the trip. But this past week or so since we came home, we have been having more and more trouble with it. I was really concerned that I would get stuck at seminary and not be able to get home to get my boys off to school on time. I just kept praying for it to keep working for as long as I needed. My husband's motorcycle was in the shop getting a few minor things repaired (like a broken lock on the side bag), so he couldn't drive that to work. We only had one registered vehicle besides the van. I really needed that van to work until the motorcycle was fixed. And sure enough, as soon as he got the motorcycle back, the van conked out. Neither one of us could start it.

Today my husband decided to look at it himself and see if perhaps he could fix the starter. As he was tinkering around, he noticed that one bolt was loose. He suddenly had the thought that tightening it might fix the starter problem. He had to do a little work, including taking out the battery, but he did, and tightened up the bolt. He put everything back together, and the car started without a problem! The problem is totally fixed!!

I'm here to tell you that this was a direct blessing from paying tithing. With two missionaries in the field, we really couldn't afford to have a car repair. The Lord is aware of our needs, and that we are paying for two missionaries, and He blessed us to fix the car without a large repair bill!


Stick said...

Thanks for sharing this story. We have been blessed from paying tithing too many times to count. I was once down to my last $25, and it was tithing I needed to pay. I had rent coming due, no job at the time, and wasn't sure how I would make any money for those bills. I paid the tithing, and trusted the Lord. The next day, I got a call from a temp agency I had signed up with three weeks earlier. I got a job working for two days where I made enough money to pay my rent, pay my tithing on the money I made, and buy a few groceries. Two weeks later I got a full-time job. I KNOW this waas a blessing from paying my tithing.

Marla said...

I absolutely know this to be true. Thank you for posting this.

Amber said...

that's so awesome!!! I love when things work out that way!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I'm a convert so I haven't always paid tithing. I can tell you without a doubt that life has been better after paying tithing than before. And not just in financial ways. Making out that tithing check is an absolute pleasure and the first thing I do each week. It's like a Christmas present all the time because I never know what's in the "blessing package" till I get it.