Monday, September 13, 2010

Scary Times

So my son wrote today that the El Salvador government decided to crack down on gangs. I guess the gangs feel this is a violation of their "rights", so they are protesting by shooting random people. My son and his companion had to stay indoors for several days because of this.

I told my husband that we should be used to this, living in the Bay area. He says El Salvador is worse than the Bay area. I asked him if he thought downtown Richmond was safer than El Salvador. He said yes, but I'm not so sure. I certainly wouldn't walk on the street, even in the day time in down town Richmond. Some years ago a white woman was killed when she decided to take a short cut through that area on her way home from work.

But still......I wouldn't want my son serving a mission in downtown Richmond! But I trust the Lord will protect him. And I do think that his living in the Bay area has desensitized him a bit to the violence in El Salvador. And I do trust that the mission president and the Church leaders will know if missionaries need to be taken out of that area. Still pretty scary though!


Amber said...

I know it's gotta be hard having him so far away and not knowing he's safe any given day, but you're right he is very protected, not to mention he has the spirit with him very strongly to warn and protect him as well. He'll be okay, he's a smart, tough kid.

Inklings said...

That is pretty scary. There are lots of us praying for him every day.

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

Delirious, we live from day to day without knowing when the next bomb will go off where! Till my son returns every evening, I worry that some road rage incident has harmed him some way. That is very common too here!

We live in difficult times.

Looney said...

This reminds me of a killing in Fremont. An Afghan family left the chaos to come to America, only to have the mother gunned down in front of her young child. The latest of this saga is here.

Hope your son stays safe.

Nene said...

His letters have always scared me. We pray for him everyday also.