Thursday, September 09, 2010

Facebook Confessions

When I was in High school, I had this friend named Cheryl. In all honesty, I didn't really know her very well, even though we hung out quite a bit after graduation. We both attended University of Kentucky, and would eat lunch together. The main thing I remember about her was that when she was in High school, she managed the local Baskin Robbins. I was very impressed that a teenager was given that responsibility. But outside of our occasional lunches, I really didn't get to know her very well.

Recently on Facebook I looked up my old High school, and ran across her name. Or, at least I think it's her name. To be honest, it's been so many years I can't really remember. But it sure does sound right. So I sent her a message and requested that we become friends. She accepted, but we really never said much to each other. The picture on her profile looks kind of like what I remember, but it's been about 30 years, so how do I know?

After I made friends with her, I took a look at her pictures. She had some from High school. To be honest, none of her pictures look familiar!! Now I'm wondering if I really do know her! And the funniest part is that we both have been playing the same facebook game, and helping each other out as if we knew each other. But seriously.....I don't know if I know her afterall! LOL


Nene said...

Did you check her profile and see where she went to high school? If she went to your high school at the same time that you did, then it's probably her.

Othersideblue said...

thats cool at least if she's not an old friend of urs she is a new found one .. its both good

there's a saying in farsi that applies to friendship and ur post:

Making friends might be easy but to keep it going on is a lil bit harder

Amber said...

LOL who cares - like the saying goes, "who can't use one more friend?!" LOL

Marla said...

Oh my funny! I did the same thing with a couple gals from high school.