Sunday, May 02, 2010

Life Guarding

My 17 year old son finished his lifeguard training and got his certificate this weekend. His older brother was also a lifeguard a couple of years ago. He must have left a good impression, because his bosses remembered my older son, and were happy to hire this younger son. The interesting thing is that when he had the interview, he asked if he could have 2 weeks off for Scout camp. My older son had done the same thing, so they were willing for this son to do the same. But then the man said, "So I'm assuming you want Sundays off just like your brother." My son confirmed that he doesn't want to work Sundays. It was so nice that it was offered to him before he was even asked. I think this will be a good growing up experience for him. He seems to be taking it very seriously.


Looney said...

Sounds like an excellent summer job - although my swims are going to get trickier when the life guards show up and start enforcing the rules!

Dee Ice Hole said...

I think this will be a great experience for him.

Looney---there are a lot of rules in the world that if only one person is doing it that it is not a big deal---and then when it becomes many doing it then it has to be regulated. In my old job a single set of ATV tracks was not a big deal but became a big deal when hundreds of others followed to see where they went...AND it became a bootleg trail that generally went nowhere and did nothing except cause erosion.