Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Dreaming

The other day I had a dream that I was driving along and suddenly noticed that they had changed the speed limit to 5 miles an hour faster wherever I went. I didn't think much about that dream, and actually forgot it. But then yesterday as I was driving home from seminary on the main road I always use, I suddenly gasped out loud. I saw a speed limit sign that said the speed limit had changed from 35 to 40! When have you ever seen a 40 mile an hour speed limit? I think I must have seen the sign the day before, but not consciously paid attention. Isn't it weird what our dreams tell us that we don't know in our conscious hours?


Looney said...

When I was younger, I would debug computer programs in my dreams. The day before would usually be a futile search. The next morning, I would go look at the portion of coding that was in my dream, and there it would be.

Amber said...

or MAYBE you can see into the future! ;>

Mike Goad said...

Most of the main roads in town here are 40 mph.

The dreams I remember most -- and that I have the most -- are dreams where I'm back on board the submarine. I was on it for 6 ninety day patrols... and I've been on many,many more... in my dreams


Bunc said...

Looney - I have had exactly similar experiences working on various problems. It seems to me that we all sometimes get into ways of thinking about a problem where we get stuck. I think our dreaming mind shrugs of some of it's restrictions and that lets solutions flow.

D - 40 mph is common where I am. Are you sure you didn't teleport briefly? Lol.

I think your right how it happened. Our unconscious mind I think probably will have much in common with the level of consciousness of less sentient species.

We carry this unconscious mind as part of our inheritance. All your genetic ancestors survived with it so that's a good pointer to it being useful.