Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Inklings!

My computer died this morning, so I'm borrowing my son's laptop until it can be fixed. This laptop is one that my husband got from his work when they were throwing out old computers. My son fixed it up, with an external harddrive duct taped to the outside. lol I wanted to include some pictures of Inklings in this post, but I don't think his computer can handle the load.

But I did want to wish Inklings a happy birthday. She has always been a good example to me. I have loved watching her create over the years, and it has inspired me to create also. She is always making something; toys, cards, food, paintings, crafts, etc. She is a very creative person. I think the word creative and the word create are really similar. To be creative is to create something; whether it be an idea, or a physical object.

She talented in many ways. She gives of herself to others, and serves others. Being the oldest child in the family, she was put in a position to set an example for those of us children who followed. She fulfilled this role well, and set a good example for all of us.
Happy birthday Inklings!

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Amber said...

she really was always a good example - which honestly is quite a feat, she is so cool, I love seeing all the things she makes and does, I love having her as one of my aunts! :D