Saturday, October 24, 2009

China Trip

My husband got back this morning from his trip to China. The next couple of days will be hard for him while he gets used to the time change. It was a good trip, and he will probably need to go back in a couple of months to follow up.

Here are a few pictures of him and some associates at the Great Wall.

Here are some pictures of them at a restaurant where they had live music.

I think I mentioned before that he got a foot massage while he was there. The other guys got the full blown massage, which included an interesting technique of soaking a towel in alcohol, then lighting it on fire WHILE IT WAS ON THEIR BACK! Here are some pictures of the burning towel.


Anonymous said...

The pictures and the experience are very unique. We are looking forward to seeing more update!

Looney said...

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it?! ;-)

teresa said...

ok, i'll go with him when he goes back in a couple of months.

Amber said...

that's scary!!! I'm glad he didn't get the full-blown massage! the pictures of the great wall are so neat, it really does look like a strenuous climb though!