Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Decorations

My friend posted on her blog (Neverbored) about their Halloween crafts. Here are some that I have made over the years. This first one we made for a young women's activity. I have it hanging above my front door. (Try to ignore that I haven't finished painting the walls there.)

These next two we made during a RS craft night.

I went to our dentist's office and saw a small version of this next one. I went home with the idea in my head, but couldn't really remember what their witch looked like. I went ahead and made my own version of it. I was shocked when I went back to see that mine looked NOTHING like the one in the office, but I actually liked mine better. :) If you look closely, the pumpkin says, "Sit for a Spell"

This last one needs a little surgery. I just need to find my glue gun so I can reattach his button eye. :) My friend had one of these on her front porch. I went over one day and traced it and drew a sketch of how she had it painted, then came home and made my own. My toll painting isn't as good as hers, but I think it turned out cute. I usually put a bandana around his neck, but couldn't find the one I use in the decoration box. Anyway, those are some of our Halloween decorations. Now show me yours! :)


Becky said...

You're so talented! Thanks for sharing. I love the farmer on the front porch. It doesn't even matter if he's missing an eye! (Actually I love all of them.)

Amber said...

those are so cute!! I especially love the spider and the witch!! You're very crafty!!

Inklings said...

These are all pretty cute!