Thursday, September 24, 2009

Whose Family Reunion is it Anyway?

I have a confession, I love "Whose Line is it Anyway?". The reason I feel the need to confess is that sometimes the show is inappropriate. I record it, so if it starts getting bad, I fast forward through that part of the show. But it always makes me laugh, especially Collin Mockery.

Last night we were watching a game they played where they had to replace every P with a G. For example, they were pretending to have a picnic (gicnic), and Collin turned to the other player and asked, "Would you like some soda gog?" This might be weird, but now I find myself thinking in the back of my mind how to say things with a G instead of P! Try it sometime, it isn't as easy as it sounds!

Now I'm thinking that our family needs to do something like this for a family reunion. We should try doing some of their games. The Irish drinking song game is fun. You all take turns singing one phrase of the song, but you make it up as you go along. Ryan Styles started the song by using a phrase that ended with "Fire extinguisher." That meant the Collin had to rhyme with that word. He just made up a word, "hum dingdingdisher" But I think that would be fun to play as a group.

Here are some of my favorite games they play:
--Two people act out a scene while the other two add the voice.
--Two people act out a scene, and deliver their own lines, but two other people do the sound effects.
--Divide in to two teams. Each team is given a prop and have to come up with as many possible uses for it as possible.
--Give a box full of random items and have them do an infommercial for the props.
--Two people act out a scene, while two other people act the part of their props.

This one you couldn't do at a reunion, but I love when Collin stands in front of a green screen and pretends to be reporting about the incident that he can't see on the screen, but which the audience can.

When we lived in China, we saw a lot of British television. "Whose line" is one of the shows we watched and loved. Can we play this some time at a reunion? :)


Nene said...

I'm not sure it would fly at an actual "reunion", but as siblings, we could all play it. I'm game! :0)

Fromagette said...

I also liked Who's Line when I was in college. When they weren't being crude, they were extremely funny. I like improv games and think they would be fun to do, if the rest at your reunion agree.

Amber said...

you could even play the drinking song one online!