Thursday, September 24, 2009

Burned Out

I have decided that I'm going to stop teaching piano lessons to the spanish branch. The past two weeks, no one has come to class. I only have two students left, but neither even called to tell me they weren't going to be there. Also, the students aren't practicing enough, so aren't progressing. It just isn't worth my time. If I weren't teaching seminary every morning, I probably wouldn't mind giving it a little longer. But this is a sacrifice for me, and I don't feel that they are sacrificing in return.

I think the biggest problem for me is that it is a burden for me while I'm teaching seminary. I spend a significant portion of time each day preparing to teach, and then get up early to go to class at 6:30. I think I'm going to write an email to the branch presidency counselor who I have also been working with and let him know that I'm done, so that if he wants these lessons to continue, they can find a replacement from the stake.

Meanwhile, there have been a whole crew of volunteers playing the organ/piano for their sacrament meetings. We have rotated the responsibility, so it hasn't been a burden for any one person. It started out as a burden for me, because if they forgot to call for a pianist, they would just ask me at the last minute. That is difficult because their meeting finishes at 4, and I have to be back for choir at 5. But now they are in the swing of the rotation, and it seems to be working well. One of the girls that I have been teaching is good enough that she could step in if a pianist doesn't show up. She would be using the simplified hymn book, but I think that is fine. My next turn to play for them comes in October.

I don't mind playing once in awhile. I actually have grown very fond of the people in their branch. I don't understand everything they say, but my 4 years of High school spanish has helped me to be able to understand some.

I've been teaching now for 2 years. I think that's a pretty good effort. Now someone else can share the responsibility if they feel it's important.


Nene said...

I think you've gone above and beyond the call in this case. I know how you feel with teaching Seminary. I really struggled for 3 years and continued working at the temple 1 morning and 1 night a week. Finally the last year I had to quit the morning at the temple and just do the Saturday night. Of course, that year was Old Testament. :0)

Amber said...

I don't think you should feel bad - you've done alot for them, and maybe even your quitting will hopefully spur them to be more committed to learning - I think you've done a great service with them!