Friday, September 25, 2009

Scripture Mastery Games Part 2

I know most of my regular readers don't teach seminary, but you would be surprised how many people come to my blog for ideas on scripture mastery games. Here is one that we will be playing today.

Who Wants to Be a Blessing Miilionaire?

For this game I printed out the scripture mastery reference, and the key words. I glued them to separate 3x5 cards. That makes two piles: one for references, and one for key words. Put these on the board in two columns, or lay on the floor. One column for references, one for key words.

On the chalkboard, draw a pictures to represent the lifelines: one of a person, one of a picture of a group of people, one of a pair of eyes, two arrows facing the opposite direction, and also write the word rhyme. These stand for:
Person: Ask a friend
Group of people: Ask your team
Eyes: Peek at the scripture mastery posters on the wall
Rhyme: Ask for the words that rhyme with the reference
Arrows: They can correct a mistake someone else has made.

To Play:

Have two people come up and sit in chairs (backs to the posters)
Give a scripture mastery clue. The first person to get it gets to make a match with one pair of the reference and key word cards. If they don't know which ones match, they can use a lifeline.

The winning team is determined by how many matches they get right.

Thoughts after trying this:
There were a few kinks that I didn't anticipate. We adjusted the game so that if someone found that the other team had made a mismatch, they would get an extra point for correcting it.
Another kink was that my kids didn't know the key words and rhymes well enough. When I gave the scripture mastery clue, I would use the rhyme, and they would have to figure it out.
The team who got the scripture first, got to pick their matches first. They would typically just pick the scripture they had just gotten. But I found that when the other team took their turn, it helped to even the odds.

Someone suggested we call this game the same name as another popular LDS game, "Who wants to be a celestial heir?" :)

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