Friday, September 04, 2009

Gay Activism Raises it's Ugly Head

Thanks to Beetleblogger for bringing this to my attention. I am sad to tell you that the Assembly has passed bill SB572 which sets aside a day to honor Harvey Milk, who was a gay activist. If this isn't vetoed, then our children will have to spend a day in school learning about Harvey Milk. Frankly, if this day passes, I will be keeping my children home from school that day. I am so sick and tired of living in this insanely liberal state, and I'm so sick of the gay agenda that wants to brain wash people in to a desensitization of homosexual relations. I believe in being respectful of all people, and treat all people in a Christlike way, but at the same time, evil is insidious, and it is being shoved down our throats. I believe in speaking up for moral values, even if it offends others. Here is what I wrote to Governor Shwarzennegger.

"I understand tolerance of those different from us. But do we need to laud homosexual activism? Please veto SB 572!

This is part of the homosexual agenda to normalize homosexual relations. I don't really believe this is about honoring Harvey Milk. But what disturbs me the most is that this is the gay agenda being pushed on our children who will have to study about him, spend a day in school honoring him, and who will be exposed to more of the gay populations' desensitization of homosexuality. That isn't something little children need to even be thinking about, much less be taught about. But if this bill isn't vetoed, our children will have to spend their day learning about gay activism, when they don't even have a day to honor people like Albert Einstein and Mother Theresa."

If you live in California, you can contact Governor Shwarzennegger by clicking here.


beetlebabee said...

Good letter. I love the fact that vetoing Harvey Milk day doesn't preclude others who admire him from celebrating his life, it just protects our young children from forced exposure to adult themes in the classroom. I am hoping the governor will veto like he did last year. School isn't the time or place for social politicking.

Inklings said...

Yes, I think Mother Teresa or Albert Einstein deserve a day before Harvey Milk.