Saturday, September 05, 2009

I Pledge: To Fight Propaganda

Watch this video that is planned to be shown to children throughout the nation. What I want you to pay particular attention to is the weight given in this video to each cause mentioned. Doesn't it sound like each of these moral issues is of equal value? This is the biggest mess of propaganda I've seen since living in China.


GoodyMom1 said...
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GoodyMom1 said...

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you, D... "I pledge allegiance to the funk", or "I pledge not to give the finger to other drivers on the road" just doesn't seem to be promoting the idea that "all of these are the same." I like the idea that they ask "What's your pledge?" They throw out tons of ideas, some realistic, some lofty, some absurd, just to make the kids think. I've seen the lesson plans for this, and they also all talk about "What do you think" and "Which goals would you like to set?" Teaching our children what to think is valuable up to a point - IMO somewhere between 1st and 3rd grade, depending on the maturity of the child. After that, we ought to teach them not "what", but "how" to think.

I believe it was Aristotle who said "it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." I hope that's what my boy is able to do - watch the entire video, understand the viewpoints of all the individuals therein, and choose to agree or disagree based upon his core values, which I have striven to encourage in him from infancy.

just my two cents ;-)

Delirious said...

Frankly, I think that most children can listen to all viewpoints, but they can't distinguish between what is best for our country. They are sponges, they soak it all up. I trust my teenagers to listen and discern, but not my youngest.

I also have to wonder what is the point of this whole video? Almost everything mentioned is something on the leftist agenda. You don't hear any of these people saying things like, "I pledge to uphold family and traditional marriage" Everything said is part of the lefts' agenda. This video should be about pledging allegiance to the flag, and to our republic, and to the preservation of democracy and the freedoms our forefathers set up. Instead, the people in it are saying things like, "I pledge allegiance to Obama." Other presidents have had moments when they spoke to the children of the nation, but they usually just read a book, they didn't try to persuade them politically.

GoodyMom1 said...

yeah, no political content.



Delirious said...

I listened to it, and I didn't hear any propaganda. He was giving a history lesson, and a lesson on government, but he didn't bring up specific items from the Republican platform. What I like about this speech by Reagan is that he really understood how this country was founded, and what freedoms we need to protect.

I wouldn't mind if Obama was simply giving a lesson on history, or responsibility. But the video he plans to show seems to be nurturing leftist projects such as stem cell research.

Looney said...

After listening to both the Obama video and the Reagan video, I think there is a big difference. The schools themselves are basically controlled by the far left, so Reagan's talk to them is genuinely educational and representative of American values, and it was something to stir legitimate discussion. The kids are free to ask serious questions and a serious attempt to answer is made, although Reagan is looking old.

The Obama style, however, is merely feeding the same political correctness that American kids are already totally immersed in. The Jefferson high kids will get to honestly discuss things and disagree with Reagan. Today's kids will never hear the other side, because leftist never debate issues, nor do they even allow children to be informed correctly regarding the beliefs of those who disagree with them. That is why the Reagan video is legit while the Obama one is merely propaganda.

Sadly, I feel that Reagan was wrong in some of what he says to the children. America wasn't the first with freedom and Democracy, and Greek history records that their experiments in freedom and democracy were destroyed by deadbeat culture.

GoodyMom1 said...