Friday, June 05, 2009

Last Day of Seminary

We had our last day of seminary today. We joined with the other class to have a breakfast. The husband of the other teacher (who is the 1st councillor in the stake presidency) came and made pancakes for us. He got very creative and made faces and also put initials in the pancakes. One kid was sitting clear across the room and this man asked if he wanted another pancake. The kid said yes, so he launched a pancake over to him!! It took two tries before the kid actually caught one with his plate. He also did that for a girl, who also needed two tries before catching one. It was like something out of a cartoon! :)

Today I saw a bumpersticker that made me laugh. We had just finished reading scriptures in the book of Revelation that talked about the servant who, when the master comes, is busily engaged. The bumper sticker I saw said, "Jesus is coming. Look busy." ;)

I went last night to an inservice meeting and received my teaching materials for next school year's course of study. We just ended New Testament year today, and my brain is already focusing on Book of Mormon year. It should be fun!


Nene said...

Are you interested in a Book of Mormon poster I made showing the different journies from Zarahemla to the land of Nephi (and other journies)? I think there is 7 all together. Let me know and I'll bring it and leave it at Mom's.

Amber said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! That bumper sticker cracks me p!