Friday, June 05, 2009

Big Foot

I have a confession; I have very large feet. Usually when I tell people what size of shoe I wear, they are surprised because my feet do look proportionate to my body. I technically wear a 10 1/2, but usually have to wear an 11 because they don't usually make size 10 1/2. In past years I had no problem finding shoes. But just in the past couple of years I haven't been able to find my size in the stores.

I went to all of the big name stores like Sears and JC Penney, but none carried an 11. I even went to a brand new, huge shoe store that just opened up to try to find size 11. I knew it was a slim chance, so instead of searching the store, I went straight to a saleslady and asked if they carried 11's. She said that when they get in their stock of shoes, there usually is only one shoe of each style in a size 11. She said that one of the women who works in the store buys every size 11 that comes in, so there aren't any left for customers. I was so frustrated.

Today I went to the Sun Valley mall in ..I think it's Pleasant Hill. I walked the entire mall looking for a store that might have shoes to fit me. Finally I decided to try JC Penney one more time. I went straight to a clerk again and asked her if they carry ANY size 11. She said, "We do have a few." and went to get me some to try on. She came back with 6 boxes of the ONLY size 11's in the entire store. As luck would have it, the first pair turned out to be perfect. I was ecstatic! Do you know how long I have been looking for a pair of dress shoes? MONTHS!

My complaint is that I know there are other women with feet my size. Hello people...there is a market for bigger shoes!!! I'm thinking I should start a business selling large size shoes.


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Payless has started carrying larger sizes. You could shop their online website. You might even be able to return it to their store if you didn't like them. You should check it out. My problem used to be finding long enough pants, lucky for me, the clothing manufacturers finally clued in. lol ;)

Nene said...

I wear a size 12. I shop online at and They have a very easy return policy so if the shoes don't fit, you just send them back. Also, in our town we have Shoes On A Shoestring. They carry a few size 12s, but I find shoes there all the time.

Amber said...

Okay these are cheaper stores so the quality isn't as good but I always see size 11s at Old Navy and Payless and Ross, and payless and ross usually have a lot.