Saturday, June 06, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Looney posted about this, and It is so upsetting to me that I wanted to post about it too. Pres. Obama has declared June "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender Pride Month" (LGBT is the shortened version). You can read his proclamation by clicking here.

While I do believe in equal rights for all, and you will notice that he doesn't mention supporting same sex marriage in this, only civil unions, I don't believe that we have to applaud certain lifestyles. In my mind, civil unions do provide equal rights. But it's as if he is likening the LGBT to the black population who went through the persecution of slavery. He is referring to the LGBT as if they have done some heroic thing by being gay. I don't even mind that much if the LGBT community decides to have their own gay pride celebration, but I didn't vote to support their lifestyle. But Pres. Obama's declaration speaks for our country. Don't speak for me if this is the kind of decisions you make Pres. Obama. Oh, and let me clarify. I don't mind if they have their own celebrations, but I very much oppose the type of celebrations they have. They have pornographic parades in the streets of San Francisco. I have never been able to understand why the city of San Francisco allows them to do some of those things in public. It's clearly against the law to act that way in public, but the city turns a blind eye, and I think it's because they are afraid of what the LGBT will do if they oppose them. And now it seems Pres. Obama wants to pander to them too.

So now I'm wondering what kind of "pride" month Pres. Obama will come up with next. How about the "Pedofiles are People too Pride Month", or the "Prostitution is our choice Pride Month". Oh, and don't forget, "Mob Lords have feelings too Pride Month". Perhaps he could start a "If We Don't Deal Drugs, South America Won't Have Any Income Pride Month". Or how about "Abortion Doctors Pride Month"? Where is it going to stop Mr. President? I think we need an "America Pride Month" because frankly, I've lost my feelings of pride for being an American.


Looney said...

They could have simplified things just by naming the month "Depravity Pride".

Max said...

Oh, we (Europeans) did not hear about, a Gay Pride month, eh?

You know I am all for Civil Unions for Gay men and women; but public pornography is too much for me (from both gays and heterosexuals) - I detest vulgarity.

I guess President Obama is trying to reach out to the gay community since his hands are tied in what concerns the "Don't ask, Don't tell" issue...oh well, D...

We have a Gay pride day here, and nobody even knows when it is nor cares about it much.