Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Want to Be Alone (say it like Gloria Swanson)

Well, we are going on week 4 of the bathroom remodel. I have to say, I'm very ready to have the workers gone. They are nice people, and I like them, but it is stressful to have them here every day. On top of that, I now have work being done in my back yard. We are having a cement pad and steps put in by our back door. We used to have a deck, but it was in bad shape, and was causing some water damage to our house, so we took it down. My neighbor used the wood to make a clubhouse for her son. Hmm...maybe I will try to get a picture of it to show you my old deck. ;) I"m REALLY happy that I will have a nice new bathroom, and will finally be able to take a shower in my master bath again, but I'm SO ready to have the workers gone.


Amber said...

I don't blame you I don't like having strangers in my house either!

Inklings said...

I hear you, I have felt the same way when I've had people working in my house.

Nene said...

You have to say it like this: "I Vant to be Alone....." That's always the part I hate about having work done at my house. One time we fired a contractor, mainly because he creeped me out all the time. :0+