Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Work We Must

The other day it was our familys' turn to clean the chapel. Years ago, the church employed a janitor to do the cleaning, but then decided it actually would be good for families, and cheaper for the church to have famlies take over that responsibility. They encourage each family to sign up to clean 3 times in the year. I think it actually is really good for my kids. It helps them have more respect for the church building, and it helps them think twice about leaving trash on the floor, or doing something else to make it dirty. In past years, we have always cleaned one side of the building, including classrooms, the kitchen, and a bathroom. That was always a big job. This year, for the first time, we have been given the responsibilty to clean the chapel and gym. I have to tell you that even though it doesn't include the kitchen or bathrooms, this job seems bigger to me. There is so much vaccuming involved! This last weekend was our turn, and luckily the spanish branch had a party going on in the gym, and were responsible for cleaning up after themselves, so we didn't have to clean that room. But just the chapel alone wore us out!

After we came home, we just layed on the bed and talked. We were both so tired we just didn't want to get up and do anything else for awhile. Suddenly I looked up at the clock and realized we had been laying there talking for 2 hours! I guess you know you are compatible when you can talk for 2 hours without even thinking about it.

I'm glad we don't have another turn for a few months. I don't mind taking our turn, but I'm sure glad when my turn is over for awhile. The lady who is in charge of the schedule is an older lady. There have been times when people didn't sign up, so she came and cleaned it herself. I have made a point to tell people that if they don't sign up, she will do it alone. And believe me, that is a big job!

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Lindsay-Weaver said...

I bet they quit having a janitor do it mostly because of how piggy people are. :) I can't believe how bad ours looks after sacrament meeting sometimes. (And we're the first ward) Seriously people, if you bring cheerios for your kid to eat...pick up the ones that spill. It's not that hard. lol