Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Good Old Days of Television

I was watching a commercial tonight for videos of the old Carol Burnett show. My son asked me what kind of show it was. It's sad that he never saw any of her shows. I think Tim Conway is probably my all time favorite comedian. He and Harvey Korman had me in tears from laughter. Here is a clip from the show. I picked this one in honor of Nene who is returning from Ireland for a visit soon. Just a tip Nene, don't travel "No frills" ;)


Christina Bess said...

I was just telling Jake last night about a comedy spot I saw with Carol talking how a woman can describe what childbirth feels like to a man. I was really funny.

Nene said...


My word verification is "endev" which is what you have when you have more endive. (Isn't that sort of like an onion?)