Friday, May 01, 2009

Hired Help

The man who we hired to do our remodel is a member of the Spanish branch of the church. He is a really nice person, very mild mannered. He makes me laugh sometimes because he often absentmindedly hums to himself. But he always hums the same tune. He hums, "London Bridge is falling down"...mixed with, "Deck the halls with boughs of holly". That's the only part of the songs that he hums. I think those two tunes are very similar, so he gets them mixed up. And he only hums those phrases, then stops. Then he will work in silence for awhile, then all of the sudden you will hear him hum those phrases again. It's cute. :) It reminds me of our old dentist. He always sort of hummed when he worked on our mouths, but instead of a hum, he would sing, "doo doo doo". I think with him it was almost a nervous habit.

This tiler man is really humble too. He has 3 kids, and does what he can to support them. The first day he was here, I grabbed some baskets and cleaned out all of the cupboards in the bathroom so they could take out that unit. I found two boxed cologne sets that my husband had been given. My husband didn't like either fragrance, so they just got absentmindedly thrown in to the cupboard. One of them was "Aspen", and the other was, "Old Spice". I asked the two tile workers if they would like them. This tiler man said, "Oh yes! I like Old spice but it is too expensive so I don't buy it. I shave my head with a razor and I like to put that on when I'm finished.". :) Oh, by the way, do you remember when I talked about finding a cell phone at the church, and how I had a hard time explaining in spanish over the phone why I had his cell phone? That was this tiler's cell phone. My husband told him maybe it was kind of "fate" that I found his cell phone so that I would be introduced to him and find out that he was a tiler. He is doing a good job, I think it will turn out really nice.


Amber said...

when I'm at work and in a good mood I sometimes catch myself whistling the theme to rocky - i have no idea why, i've never even seen those movies, but it's always just that one song! LOL

Lindsay-Weaver said...

Doesn't it make you feel good when you can find a home for things that are nice, but that you don't want? I love it when I give something away to someone who really wanted it. I'm excited to see your bathroom when it's complete. I bet it will be really nice!