Friday, March 27, 2009

Think Twice.....

Think Twice.....

--before you touch your eyes or nose. You can catch germs easier this way than by putting your fingers in your mouth.

--before you put your lips to a sick child's head to check for a fever. A thermometer is more accurate, and less infective.

--after you touch money. Money is one of the dirtiest objects, having been touched by countless people, yet never cleaned.

--before you eat anything after leaving a fast food drive though window. It only takes a few seconds to use some hand sanitizer. Having been sick this week, and having gone to drive throughs when I felt too sick to cook, I have learned that you don't know who last gave money to the window attendant. I actually told them to wash their hands after serving me. (And yes, it is easier to sit in a car than to stand at a hot stove. :P)

--after you have touched a shopping cart. I practically shudder each time I take hold of a shopping cart. I know that many sick babies have sat in the seat, and sick people have held the handle. Some stores offer disinfecting wipes to use on the handle. I may not always have a wipe, but I always wash my hands after shopping

--after you load the dishwasher. I am always careful to wash my hands after handling all of the dirty dishes. You may not see a sick family member, but you don't know what viruses are brewing.

--before you reuse a kitchen sponge or dishcloth. Experts say that dishcloths and sponges should be changed several times a DAY! They really breed germs.

--when you put away your toothbrush. It is touching other people's toothbrushes.

I'm not trying to make anyone paranoid, but after this horrible flu I've had this week, in the future, I myself am going to think twice.


Christina Bess said...


Lindsay-Weaver said...

Get feeling better! I keep wet wipes in my car, so I can wash my hands after shopping, at the drive-through, etc. I'm paranoid about other people's germs, but I rarely get sick. lol

Nene said...

I'm getting really germophobic about being in busy shopping malls, or stores like Sams and Walmart where so many people are. I always wash my hands the minute I get home. I need to buy some hand sanitizer for my car or wipes like Lindsay-Weaver.

Max said...

Oh D...I didn't know you had been sick: I hope you feel better now!

I confess that I laughed as I read your list lol...if we start thinking about the germs brewing around our house and whenever we go outside: we won't leave bed in the morning.

Our body needs certain germs, so we can't obliterate them all.
The reason people get more and more flu and allergies is because of the products (cleaning and others) they use nowadays...they are killing our natural defences day by day, little by little.

Cheers and I wish you well :)!