Friday, March 20, 2009

Arnold's Record is Scratched

So I signed the petitions, and I got back some responses from Governor Shwarzenegger. I found this answer very interesting. I got the same response to ever petition that was sent. Check this out.

"I generally do not take a position on legislation until a bill has reached my desk because it can change significantly from the time it is introduced until the time it is finalized. For the current session, the California Legislature has until September 11, 2009 to pass legislation, and I have until October 11, 2009 to sign or veto proposed bills."

Frankly, I don't even think that is good politics. Even though he may not take a position on a bill, he can at least take a position on an issue. Why not answer my petition this way: "Although bills change much before they reach my desk, please be assured that I will do everything in my power to support (____fill in the blank___)" I guess he figures that since he has already been elected, he doesn't need to tell us where he stands on each issue.

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