Friday, March 20, 2009

Raise Your Voice!

I just got an email today that gave me a link to sign petitions to oppose 4 different horrible bills that the democrats trying to put in to effect. If you are a resident of California, you can add your name by clicking the links below. The information below is from

1. Oppose AB 67 and AB 120, which would require physicians and pharmacists to promote abortion despite their moral convictions against the taking of human life.
CLICK HERE to sign the petition

2. Oppose SB 572, which would institute an official "Gay Day"/"Harvey Milk Day" in government schools with "exercises" for children from kindergarten on up.
CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

3. Oppose AB 390, which would decriminalize marijuana, thus giving the invitation to teenagers and young adults to smoke pot and get hooked, harming their lungs and brains, opening themselves up to other drugs, and placing the driving public at greater risk.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition

4. Oppose more tax hikes and fee hikes, now that another $8 billion deficit is projected for the state budget. Many Democrat politicians want to tax families AGAIN, on top of the $1,000 per family tax-and-fee hike going into effect April 1.
CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

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Looney said...

Do you think there is a relationship between the economic implosion and the efforts to formally establish godless depravity as our state/national religion?