Friday, March 20, 2009

Random Memories

I was talking to my soon to be 11 year old today and had a memory of watching wrestling as a child. How many of you remember Gorgeous George? What I remember most is that when I used to watch him, he wore his mother's bathrobe as a tribute to her. He was sort of the Liberace of wrestling. I remember that I felt he almost deserved it when his beautifully curled hair would get messed up in a match. I don't know if he was going for the "gay" theme as much as the "theatrical".

Another memory I had was of Colonel Sanders. This is a true story I'm about to tell you. My father has never been the kind of person to lie, and never told tall tales that I can remember. My mother was the tall tale teller in our family. My Dad was a sales supervisor for many stores in Kentucky when I was a teenager. He traveled all over the state on a weekly basis. He told me that one time he went in to, I think it was a Taco Bell, and there sat Colonel Sanders. My dad looked curiously at him, so Colonel Sander spoke up and said, "You can't eat chicken all the time."


Inklings said...

And at our KFC there's a Taco Bell, too, so you can even order both at the same time.

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

I believe your Dad.

I was a traveling salesperson too and had a similar experience. I walked into a newly opened bar in a town and saw the owner of my favorite bar sitting at the bar and having a drink. He looked at me and sheepishly said "Checking out the competition!"