Saturday, February 07, 2009

FOUR...(boring things about me)

Inklings and I are suckers for blog ideas. :P lol

Four things you like to do: photography, play the piano, blog, walk
Four places you often go: Winco, Walmart, Church, Grocery Outlet
Four places you like to go eat: Korean restaurants, Taco Bell, Vietnamese restaurants, Chinese buffet
Four movies you liked: Groundhog Day (most Bill Murray movies), Rear Window (Most Hitchcock), any Harry Potter, Old Classics
Four authors you like to read: J.K. Rowling, Orson Scott Card, Biographies, Michael Crichton
Four cds you like to listen to: Any Harry Potter soundtrack, Gavin Degraw, Opera, Harry Connick Jr.
Four places you like to travel to: Utah, Asia, San Francisco, anywhere I've never been before
Four places you have lived: Texas, Kentucky, China, Taiwan
Four of your favorite things to eat: Kimchi, donuts, clementines, chocolate
Four jobs you have had: teacher at the missionary training center, western store sales clerk, K-Mart store area supervisor, Census taker

You might want to reread this later at night if you have trouble sleeping. ;)

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