Saturday, February 07, 2009

Police Watch

This morning as I was walking the dog down our street, I noticed some receipts scattered all over. That seemed odd to me and set off my radar. As I turned the corner, near a line of tall cedar trees, I saw a red case sitting behind the trees. I picked it up and knew instantly that it was some kind of construction power tool, and that it had been stolen.

My first reaction was to make sure that it didn't belong to the neighbor who lived there. But I know him, and I know that he is quite meticulous. He wouldn't leave things outside unattended. That's one of the advantages of knowing your neighbors. I knocked on his door, but he didn't answer. I put the case down on his porch, and walked back to where I had found it. As I was walking, I could see the backside of the trees better and saw a big red duffel bag behind them. The duffel bag had more tools, gloves, and a big radio that construction workers typically buy...tough duty kind. (Milwuakee brand for those who know.)

I walked back home and called the non-emergency police number. I told them I would meet them back at the corner where I had found the stuff. When I got back down there, I saw that the power tool I had set on the front porch was missing! I knocked again, and no one answered. I walked back over to the duffel bag, and just then the neighbor came hurrying around the corner to see who had knocked. He had gone to change out of his pajamas. He had picked up the tool and put it in his garage. After I explained to him, he picked up the duffel bag too and put it in the garage. I rerouted the police to his house. The officer who came to pick up the stuff turned out to be my other neighbor. I didn't realize he worked this area. I think he purposefully tries to answer calls in our neighborhood since he lives here. That was a nice feeling to see him.

I did walk around the block to see if I could see a truck with the name of the company on the side of it, but wasn't able to find it. I do feel pretty confident though that they will find the owner, as soon as the person realizes they have been robbed.

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