Wednesday, January 21, 2009

He's Lost That Loving Feeling

I took my cat in to be neutered today. He is a about 1 1/2 years old, so we are a little slow, but now that spring has hit he has been spraying and meowing constantly. I didn't want to let him outside until he was neutered because I didn't want the entire county of female cats pregnant with his kittens, and I didn't want him fighting with other toms. Up to now, we have let him go out on the roof. He seemed to like getting out, and could perch and watch the yard from there without getting in fights. One time a tomcat did find his way up to the roof and they got in a fight, but that was the only time I can think of that happened.

When I told my 10 year old that I was taking the cat in he said, "I want to go!" I said, "Well, you can't watch the operation." He said, "Dang.". Today when I took the cat in, I told the doctor what my son said. He said, "Well, I have had classes come in before. Does he have school today?" Dang, I wish I would have known, I would have taken him out of school to let him go watch. I know it's gross, but I'm all about education, and I think he would have found it interesting. This doctor is the Bishop in the neighboring ward, and I have his son in my seminary class. I might ask him again another day to let me bring my son to watch him at work!


Bunc said...

I have a neutered Tomcat who is now middle aged. He is a big softy.

SOme years ago he was in the back garden when a one eyed three legged Tom wandered in. Hmm I thought he's now going to ave to defend his territory.

However he took one look at the one yed three legged tom and turned tail and hid behind his legs.

On reflection I realised that his one eyed three legged opponent must have looked to him like the feline equivalent of Captain Blackbeard the pirate - not to be messed with.

The pirate Captain had the run of the garden for some time until he went on to pastures new.

Nene said...

Loved Bunc's story of the "Pirate Cat"! Also loved your title, Delirious!

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hmm, pretty interesting story about the cat. I like cats, too, though we only have dogs. :)