Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cute True Stories

Ramana posted about his "cute" father, and asked if we had any similar stories to share. I wasn't really sure if any of my stories fit in to what he was looking for. But I have had them on my mind today, so thought I would write them here.

My father had very little dental care, and poor hygiene when he was young. He began working fairly young, so had money for soda pop occasionally. This didn't help his dental problems. Eventually his teeth were so bad, the dentist recommended he have them all pulled and wear dentures. He was only 19 at the time. I feel kind of bad because I think if this had happened today, there would have been more they could have done to save his teeth. But I do think he had a bad tooth gene or something because one of my kids inherited that weakness. But 19 is pretty young to have to start wearing dentures.

Every night my father put his dentures in a cup of water when he went to bed. One night, my mother snuck in and took out his teeth and left a dime. I know my father doesn't believe in the tooth fairy, but we all had a good laugh anyway. ;)

I can't remember if I have blogged about this before, but it bears repeating. I had an Aunt who had some lady friends coming to town to visit, and she wanted to show them her daughter's new horse. I went with her to show the horse to the lady friends. We drove up on the "flats", as they call them, to where the horse was pastured. After driving all the way there, my Aunt remembered that to call the horse to come, they usually shook a bucket of oats. However, she had forgotten to bring oats with us. She really wanted the ladies to see the horse, so she got inventive. She took off her bra and shook it in the wind. I don't know if that's what a bucket of oats sounds like, but the horse came running! ;)

As my grandfather aged, he began to have health problems, and at one point was put in to a convalescent center for a time. Now you have to understand that my grandfather was a cowboy. He spent his life outdoors, and working hard. He lived in the same little town his entire life. For him, to be put in a care center was like prison. He often tried to escape.

One day my Uncle, who lives in the town where the center was located, was out about town, I can't rememeber where. Maybe he can add the details in a comment. It seems like he was in a barbershop. He looked up and out the window could see my grandfather walking down the sidewalk. This is the same grandfather that was supposed to be in the care center. He jumped up and ran out to him. I can't remember the conversation they had, but I do remember that my Uncle decided to take him out to lunch. They had a nice afternoon together, then my Uncle took him back to the center. Meanwhile, the center hadn't even noticed him missing! Kind of a sad story, but kind of cute. :)


Nene said...

Did dad only get partial dentures then? I could swear when I was a little girl I thought he got them, because I thought I could remember him eating soup for a week and me feeling sorry for him. Maybe it was something else. I had never heard that story about Grandpa - thanks for posting!

Amber said...

these were really cute stories! :)

Inside Stories said...

Nene, I think you remember when Dad had has tonsils out. I was 4 and you 1 when he had his teeth out and got dentures. He came home in a taxi and looked like death warmed over, and went straight to bed, and Mom kept telling us we had to play outside because Dad had had his teeth all pulled. Dad was still only about 27 or 28 then, though, still too young to have to have dentures.
When my oldest son was about 1 1/2 he was at Dee Ice's parents' house and he took his grandpa's dentures and lost them while Grandpa was asleep. They didn't find them until after Grandpa was dead, but they didn't tell us about the lost dentures because they didn't want to hurt our feelings.

Delirious said...

Okay, I had to call and make sure of the details. :) When Dad was 19 he had three teeth pulled and had to ride on a bus..I believe they said it was their honeymoon. Then he had the other teeth pulled when he was 28. He did keep some of his lower teeth, and wore a partial.

He had his tonsils out when I was about 7 or 8. We had ours out together. We shared a room. :) Mom reminded me that I took my Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls so that Dad could have a doll and I could have one. lol What I remember is that I recovered very quickly and was bouncing all over the room. I would wait on him lol.