Thursday, January 22, 2009

Secret Service Codenames

I don't know why, but I found this really interesting. Wikipedia gives all of the codenames that the secret service has used for each member of the presidential families. Here are the ones for Obama and his family.

Barack Obama - Renegade
Michelle Obama - Renaissance
Malia Obama - Radiance
Sasha Obama - Rosebud

Oh my gosh, I just found the name they use for the Pope...HALO! lol

Here is the site.


Nene said...

So if they're secret, why are they listed in Wikopedia? Or do they have different ones now that he's president?

Ramana Rajgopaul said...

If they had gone to this site, they may have come up with better names:

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Yeah, that sounds strange that they are giving that away. But I believe, that codenames was for public use, they have other for secret use... :)

Looney said...

They are so close sounding that I would get them all confused.