Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Sticks!

Wow, I'm sure glad I have siblings to help me remember the date! I knew the day of Stick's birthday, just didn't make the connection that it was TODAY!

To follow Nene's example, I'm going to post a few things about my brother Sticks in honor of his 50th birthday today.

--Sticks was born a century too late. He would have made a great mountain man breaking in the new frontier. He can do anything a mountain man can: fish, hunt, dutch oven cooking, whittling, knife throwing, leather working, baking, ..and the list goes on

--I remember when he made a present for me for Christmas. I was collecting wooden boxes, so he carved a turtle box for me. He still has a nice scar to prove it. :)

--I remember that he would never allow us siblings to argue, he would always end the argument. That was always frustrating for those of us who liked to argue. :)

--I remember when my other brother Twist and Sticks would tie each other up and see if they could escape. They also practiced hypnotizing each other. They had a pair of handcuffs that they practiced picking. Years later, when Sticks and I were both newlyweds living near each other, he was working late at a grocery store when some robbers came in to rob the store. They handcuffed him to a pipe in the back of the store before they left. He looked down, saw a large staple on the ground and started laughing. As soon as they left, he picked up the staple and picked the handcuff lock, just as he had done many times in his youth.

I could probably go on and on, but that's just a few. Happy Birthday big brother!

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Amber said...

that's a cool story about the handcuffs I didn't know they could do that! that's one handy skill to have!