Thursday, August 14, 2008

Four Eyes

Presbyopia (Greek word "presbys" (πρέσβυς), meaning "old person") describes the condition where the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects with age. (From Wikpedia)

I had an eye exam today. I really thought the doctor would put me in bifocals. I was so surprised that he said I'm seeing 20/20 long distance! I thought I was far sighted, but he said I have presbyopia. I have a stigmatism in one eye, so my eyes do feel a little screwy, but I guess overall I still see pretty good. Whew..dodged that bullet.

However, my son didn't fair so well. Turns out he is far sighted and will need reading glasses. He worries about appearance, so we searched for a pair that he felt good about. But I still think he will resist wearing them. I told him that some people can wear glasses and look like a nerd. But other people can wear those same glasses and look's all in the attitude. Maybe I can convince him to wear them?


Amber said...

i love glasses on guys - when I was little I used to cut out pictures from the catalog of things for my life and I would cut myself out a husband from the suit section and it was always one that had on glasses LOL - i think glasses on guys looks very distinguished

Nene said...

One time I told my husband I was thinking about getting contacs. He said, "No! I like your glasses!" So I didn't get contacs. 80)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

But if he won't wear his glasses, then get him contacts so his eyes don't get worse like mine did. I wear contacts now and love it! I hated glasses, because you could only see through the lens, so I didn't feel like I could see very well up close. Contacts are definitely the way to go for me.


Looney said...

I just got some prescription bifocals a few months ago. They are useful on reading small print. My problem is that one eye is far sighted and one eye is near sighted, which does have some nice features.