Friday, August 15, 2008

Age Before Beauty

My middle son was telling me today of an experience he had this summer. My mother had an assignment to visit the elderly care center and present a lesson about pioneers to celebrate Pioneer day. She asked her grandkids to come help. Some of them sang a song. My son went along to help.

He said that when he went in the care center, and elderly lady in a wheelchair came up to him with a napkin in her hand. She said, "I don't like these cookies.". She handed it to him, and there perched on top of the cookie, were her dentures. She must have taken a liking to him, because then she followed him around for the rest of the hour.

I'm glad he had the opportunity to go, to learn tolerance for those elderly who are showing the effects of dymensia and age. I hope when I'm old he will remember these lessons.


Native Minnow said...

I may just pretend to have dementia when I'm old. That way I can just say crazy things to watch people react. It'll help make up for the indignity of having to go back to wearing diapers.

Grimtooth said...

Well, i recall when i was young i was one of the lucky people that got to see great parents on both sides of the family up until i was around 7-12 in age. I remember disliking going to the retirment homes/ nursing homes. Mostly cause you would be followed and mauled by every lonely granny in the place.
On a side note Native minnow, I say crazy things now to see reactions why wait till your old. :)