Saturday, August 16, 2008


My daughter just got back from her study abroad in the Holy land. She is quite tan, but seems none the worse for wear. She had a great trip! She learned some Arabic words. One is the title of this blog. I think it's my new word. It is Habibi, and means "my love". (I'm not sure if I spelled that right). She learned many other words too.

She brought back a lot of cool stuff. Before I tell you what she brought back, I have to tell you that our family has a weird sense of humor. Here are some things she brought back:
--a CD with the entire Koran prayers that they say 5 times a day.
--some widow's mites (she gave me one :)
--an olive wood nativity (for me :)
--an oil lamp like used in the parable of the ten wise and ten foolish virgins
--oil vases that you carry to refill your lamp
--woven string slingshots for slinging rocks (like David did to Goliath)
--herbs: including curries and
--frankincense and myrrh
--Palestinian scarves
--a t-shirt with "Boston Red Sox" in Hebrew, and one with "Palestinian defense team" on the fronts
--a papyrus scroll of this image, along with some others
--a papyrus scroll with images of circumcision (a gift for her brothers :P)
-- a black tunic and pants with white embroidery and a black head scarf
--Arab headdresses

I know I'm forgetting some things. We had fun watching her unpack it all. I asked her if she would give us a presentation about her trip. She said she will give ONE presentation. lol Well, she actually will give two because someone asked her to speak in church next Sunday. lol

I am glad she is home safe, but frankly, from the very start I haven't worried about her. My main worry was that she would get sick from the food or water. She did get sick once, but was healthy the rest of the time. But it's wonderful that she has memories of the pyramids, and the valley of the kings, and Jordan, and swimming in the mediteranean ocean etc. to carry throughout her life.
I snagged this picture from my daughter's facebook. This is one of the pictures she took


Mediocre Renaissance Man said...

Just remember that if you are using "habibi" to refer to a FEMALE, you need to make it feminine and pronounce it "habibati."

In Arabic, when you want to refer to someone as your love you use the word "habeeb," which is the adjective-ish word, then you add the first person possessive particle to the end (the "ee" sound at the end). If the "habeeb" is referring to a woman, its feminine form is "habeebah," but when you add the possessive particle to the end the "ah" turns into a "t" sound and you end up with "habeebatee," or "habibati."

For our next lesson we'll learn how to tell your "habibah" to wash the dishes... Just kidding. I haven't been studying Arabic for the last year and a half for nothing, you know!

Nene said...

I have an olive wood baby Jesus and manger. My sister-in-law brought it to me. You can take the baby Jesus out of the manger, so he's not attached to it.

Amber said...

so so cool - if she writes her talk down you should post it on here so we can read it :)

Elizabeth said...

How exciting. I am glad she made it back safe and with so many souvenirs. If you need a place to stay in Provo when you come to drop Teresa off, let us know. We have queen bed and a futon empty. We would love to have you.