Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I went to a large mall yesterday. I don't go there often, so I guess it was a little bit of a culture shock to me. But let me tell you about one store that I passed. Oh, I just looked it up online, it was Abercrombie and Finch. Let me set this up for you. As you pass the store, you notice that you can't really see in to the store. There is a doorway with a large wall in in the middle. You can walk to either side of the wall to enter, but you can't really see in. In essence, you can't really even see what they sell. The only thing you can see from the outside is this photo. No..I haven't taken to collecting pinup pictures of men, I just wanted to make a point here. So when you see this photo from the mall walkway, what does it tell you about their product? In reality, you can only see a few inches of clothing in this picture. A foreigner walking by might wonder if they sell torsos in this store. Or they might think that it is a body building gym. What exactly is Abercrombie and Finch marketing? I may never know, because I never went inside the store. ;)


Nene said...

Maybe you should have gone in and complained. We had a store in our mall that kept putting pictures like this in their windows. Several people - including LDS - either called or went to the store and complained, and they stopped.

Oswegan said...

geez, i wish i looked like that

Amber said...

they sell teen clothing mostly - when I worked at Eddie Bauer they would send you to Abercrombie & Fitch to see what bad customer service is as part of their training LOL

Fromagette said...

This is one of the many reasons I refused to wear A&F clothing when it became huge (I was in high school at the time). I hate their marketing.

Grimtooth said...

No..I haven't taken to collecting pinup pictures of men..

Sureeee you havent.. >:)
You might not of went in the store but... how long did you stand there examining the picture "trying to figure out what they sold", by looking at the picture? :) lol

Cant say i knew anything about abercrimbie & finch never heard of it. Now i have heard of Eddie Bauer started his money from making jackets for the military "fleece" pilot jackets mostly, then later everything from baby carseats to clothing.