Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Is This World Coming To?

I was very troubled by this news article today. What is going on with this world that people can't even stop to help others? There is a video link at the top left of the page if you want to watch it. Pay attention to how many cars drive by, and how many people stand around and do nothing. What is this world coming to?


Fromagette said...

While I think that it is important to note what the article said about how the video may misrepresent the situation, it sure is a wake-up call. We certainly need to make sure that we are not one of those people who just stands by and waits for someone else to do something.

JJJ said...

shock, it takes alot of people a few moments to react to something like this. I did notice in the video that shortly after he was hit, i seen atleast 4 people in under a minute cell phone for help (atleast it appears they do).
People driving by are bit easier to accept since they dont know if it was a hit and run, a shooting, or a homeless/bum just laying drunk in the street. I agree it did take surprisingly long before people actually moved towards him,but the police seemed to of arrived quickly.
It looked to me like 2 cars racing since they both take off in the same direction.I wouldnt be surprised if both cars where 19 and under drivers. I am sorta sad that no one caught any tag number though.

Looney said...

Yes it is sad. On the other hand, our culture seems to be moving to a point where the good Samaritan would be sued for giving charity without a license.

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I can't even believe that! The other day I saw a dead dog (barely hit) in the street, and went and knocked on the door and told it's owner...even though I wasn't the one who hit it...the person who hit it took off. (I didn't know the owner of the dog, but knew who it belonged to because it was always outside their house when I drive by.) That video shows no respect for human life. I don't care if you're scared, they could have at least directed traffic around him until someone arrived. Pathetic.