Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why Do I Always Meet the Weird People?

I was walking out of Barnes and Noble today when I started having a sneezing fit. A woman ahead of me held the door for me and then said, "I think it's the pepper". I looked at her and smiled and she said, "The pepper gets in there and makes you sneeze.". I still just looked at her because I had no idea what she was talking about. She was talking about pepper and I said, "Oh, I didn't smell anything."....thinking she was maybe saying that Starbucks inside of Barnes and Noble had some pepper in the air. She said, "Well, there are pepper trees, and that gets in the air too.". Is it just me, or is the rest of the world getting weirder?


Nene said...

The world is most assuredly getting weirder.

Dee Ice Hole said...


Inside Stories said...

It's weirder. And wickeder. And wickeder in weirder ways!