Sunday, April 13, 2008

Silver Threads Among the Gold

I'm not sure why, but I learned this song when I was quite young. The words go, "Darling I am growing old....silver threads among the gold..." My hair has gone quite gray in the past year or two, so I often sing this to my husband.

My sister, Inklings wrote on her blog about how hard it is to get old. Last night my husband and I went to go visit a man from church who was recently put in a care center. I am his wife's visiting teacher from church, so I go visit her monthly to see how she is doing. He was diagnosed with cancer some time back, but has been doing fairly well until now. He is so weak, and said he can't eat. He has lost a lot of weight. He is still mentally intact, so it is difficult for him to be in the care center away from his wife. She has problems with her hip, so it is difficult for her to get around. Her son takes her to see her husband some days, but because of her hip problems, she isn't able to stay long. In addition, he is so weak, that often he falls asleep while she is there. His voice is also weak, so he is difficult to hear and to understand. Her hearing isn't the best anyway, so she can't understand anything he says. If he calls her on the phone, she still can't hear him. They are both in their 80s now, but it was only in the past couple of years that they began to have health problems. This man's grandson is finishing up a mission for the church in New Zealand, and is scheduled to come home in two weeks. I really hope that he lasts long enough to see his grandson again, but I'm worried because he doesn't look like he will.

My friend JJJ always tells me that when he gets old he wants them to ...what was it J? Tie some meat around your neck and let you play with the dogs? (okay...I just version is edited :P) I told him that with his luck, the dogs would eat the meat and leave him mangled and alive. :) I must say though, I had a friend who died of Parkinson's disease. She often thought about ending it all herself, but never gave in to the temptation. I have always felt proud of her for sticking it out to the end. Her strengths really came through.

I feel sorry for this man and his wife, but all I can do for them at this point is try to be supportive with any help they need, and pray for them.

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JJJ said...

yeah very sad situation there. Its this exact reason when i go i want to be mentally not there. I think about death enough, I cant imagine the anguish this poor man has daily "knowing" he doesnt have much time and the side situation of his wife not being able to be there often, very disheartening.
I am surprised if he is terminal they dont just send him home so he can be with in his home and with his wife/ family at the end. They did this with many of my family memebers normally sending one of the doom bringers home. (those people that get assigned to a person who is terminal and stay there to the end cant recall the name of the organization or the peoples title sorry)

and my quote you so vicously got not right you confused it with another.
I said," when i was born i was soo ugly they had to tie porkchops around my neck to get the dog to play me.... sadly the dog turned veggitarian shortly after that."

and the death one was, " they can just jam a porkchop up my _____, and throw me to the dogs."