Monday, April 14, 2008


My neighbor and I went walking today, and when we were done, we noticed a horse trailer pull up and saw a man unload two horses. My neighbor loves horses, and had her own horse for many years, but couldn't afford to keep one after she started having kids. At one time she even competed in dressage in english riding. She has often told me how she enjoyed that time in her life, and how much she misses riding horses.

We walked up to the man and began to talk. At one point, my neighbor said to him, "There are two horses, but only one of you, what are you going to do?". He said, "My daughter used to come with me, but she doesn't come anymore". His plan was to ride one, and lead the other. I'm not a shy person, so I spoke up, "How would you feel about letting her (my neighbor) ride with you?". He squirmed a little and said, "I'll tell you come to the farm and let me see how you do, and then maybe in the future you can ride with me." My neighbor started talking to him about the various horses she owned over the years, and about how at one point she worked at the horse tracks. I think that made him realize she really did know how to ride.

He told us what neighborhood he lives in, and we told him that we live just around the corner from him! He mentioned something about his wife, so I asked their last name, and realized that I have met his wife before. It turns out that they are members of our church, and I had visited her a few years back.

I think knowing that we are neighbors of his, and that I know his wife, and that my neighbor can ride, he finally told her that she could ride with him. They only rode up the trail and back for about half an hour, but it was really great for her to have that chance. As we were getting ready to go, she said to me, "My cheeks hurt from smiling!". :)

We saw a couple of beautiful birds while we were out. I thought this was a tanager, but my neighbor looked it up and it looks more like a Northern Bullock's Oriole.

I can't remember, but I think she said this one was a western bluebird.

The dog enjoyed the pond, but it was hard to tell that he is a light colored lab when he was done.

We started out just to get some exercise, but found some many fun things along the way.


Nene said...

What a cool story! I'm glad your neighbor got to do this and enjoyed reading that her "cheeks hurt from smiling"

Max said...


Such a sweet story! Do you realise that you served as an Angel to your friend :D? It is so nice when we are able to make our friends smile, isn't it? Even strangers...when you do something for them and they smile at you...what a reward :D!

You are a great soul, D!

Have a blessed weekend!

Lindsay-Weaver said...

This post made me smile! Your pictures are great! *L*