Saturday, December 22, 2007

Got Books?

I was watching a youtube video about how internet usage has exploding over the past few years. In the video it talked about how many hours the average child spends watching television or playing video games. It made me wonder how many hours those same children spend reading books.

I remember when the first Harry Potter book came out, my neighbor told me that she had only read like one book since High school. I have to admit that I was shocked. But since then, my own reading habit has gone down a little, probably due to the wealth of information and attraction of the internet. I do still read, but not as much.

For many years I was an avid journal keeper. In the past ten years that habit has been lost, and I only occasionally write in my journal. One of the things I used to do when I wrote in my journal faithfully was keep a record of every book that I had read. It is very nostaligic to go back and read the list and remember the effect those books had on me.

In the past, I used to always make the same new year resolution. I resolved to floss my teeth daily. For several years, that was the only resolution I made, and I kept that resolution. Then one year I said to myself, "I already floss my teeth every day, I think I will choose a different resolution.". Guess what happened. I forgot about flossing my teeth and lost that habit. I still do occasionally, but not every day. I know, I know...I will add that as a resolution again this year. But I think I will also add to read more books, and keep my list again. Maybe I'll even make a resolution to write in my journal at least one day a week.

I have this belief that anyone can become an expert in any subject if they read enough about it. I don't believe that you have to take a class to learn. My husband has read so many books about World War II, I think he knows more than the average person on the subject, and could be considered a psuedo-expert on the subject. I don't know that I want to pursue only one subject, but I do think that reading opens new worlds of education. I think that I will educate myself in some new subjects the coming year.


Nene said...

After I read a book, I write the date on the title page. Since I read favorite books over and over, it's kind of neat to see the date of the last time I read it.

Native Minnow said...

I always feel guilty reading books. It seems if I'm going to be reading, then I should be reading science. Funny how that same guilt doesn't apply to time spent online ;-)