Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Spirit

We went to our Church Christmas party tonight. Santa came too, and we got to take pictures with him. I think my youngest has decided he is too old for sitting on Santa's lap this year, so he wouldn't let me take a picture, but my older boys did.

After the party we stopped by a house that has incredible Christmas lights that blink on and off in synchronization with music that they broadcast from their garage. Below is a picture of the house that is across the street from the music house. My pics of the music house didn't turn out very good, so the neighbor's house will have to suffice. But it is pretty cool too. :)


Max said...

Hello D,

Now that's what I call a decent Santa (sharp garments and all) :D!

I don't celebrate Xmas but I really like the fabric on Santa's clothes...

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!


Nene said...

I agree with max - classy Santa & Mrs. Santa outfits! They asked my husband and I to be Mr. & Mrs. Claus in our ward, but thank goodness we had our regular Saturday night duty and couldn't. I doubt they had Santa clothes this classy though!

Delirious said...

Actually, Santa's "helpers" that night happened to be our former mayor and his wife. :)

Oswegan said...

Holy cow! That house is over the top. They must have a separate shed to store all of that stuff in the off season. Who's the chair for? Clark Griswold?