Saturday, October 20, 2007

I See the Writing On the Wall

I have a hobby of doing handwriting analysis I haven't taken classes, but this is something I have studied on my own for many years. It has now become almost instinct for me to look at people's writing, and to see things about them. Last night I had a weird sort of experience though.

We were playing a game at a party we attended. Each person was asked to write on a card something that no one else knew about them. They didn't put their names on it. I was asked to help read out the cards, and everyone helped to guess who the author was. There were some very interesting facts written down, things that we would never have guessed about each other.

At one point, I read one of the cards out loud for everyone. We all looked around the room to see if we could guess who had written that thing. I looked down again at the card, and my brain zeroed in on the handwriting. I caught my breath and said, "Oh! I know who it is! I can tell by the handwriting!". Everyone looked at me kind of funny, and I pointed to an older man in the room. He nodded and admitted he had written it. Everyone was shocked. Suddenly I realized that they probably thought the handwriting was shaky or something. I spoke up and said, "I should explain. I have a hobby of handwriting analysis. His handwriting has a characteristic common for someone who is detail oriented. When I saw that, I thought of him because he is the church clerk.". Everyone sort of laughed and we moved on to more cards.

Another guest and I were taking turns reading the cards out loud. When it came my turn to read again, as I read the next card, I had the same experience as before. I looked at the handwriting, and instinctively I knew who had written it. I could see it in her handwriting as plain as if it were a photograph of her. I said, "Oh! I know who wrote this too! I can see it in the handwriting!" I pointed to a woman in the room. She nodded her head. I think everyone thought it must be a fluke that I could do this twice in a row.

The other guest read another card and everyone finally guessed who the author was. When the man admitted he had written it, I glanced over at the card that the other guest was holding, and once again, I could see so clearly that his handwriting fit him. It was a very odd experience, one that I have never had before, and am anxious to see if I will ever have again. Some people may question the validity of handwriting analysis, but I have enough experience of my own to believe it is very accurate.


keira said...

That's why I always freak out a little bit when I'm signing and addressing the Christmas card to you. I've even thought of printing instead....:o)

deputymomof6 said...

Very interesting. I have read a little about it, but don't know much. And I agree with Keira, I just may be self-conscious when handwriting sometime to you in the future. :)

Anonymous said...

you must be a witch! or some other form of blackmagic user!

lol good story

Nene said...

Hey, you could star in your own game show!