Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Grand Ambitions

So, I was just released from my church position that I have had for the past couple of years. I worked with 3 other women, and all of us were released, and 4 new people asked to take our places. We were expecting this, but weren't sure when it would happen. We have been planning for the past couple of months a dinner that is going to be held this month in conjunction with a satellite broadcast. We planned decorations and a theme to go with the decorations. Because the other women don't have much time to plan, they are going to go ahead and use our ideas.

Here is some what how we planned:
Me: I was thinking we could use a bee and beehive theme.

Woman 1: Yes, and we could gear it around Pres. Hinckley's "Be's" (Be smart, be grateful, be clean etc)

Woman 2: Where are we going to get bees and beehives?

Me: Hmm...maybe we could use some rope, and coil it and glue and paint it. Hmm...or not...that doesn't sound like it would look very good. I know, I have a scroll saw, I could cut out beehives and paint them for the table decorations. It shouldn't take that long to cut out one for each big table.

Woman 1: We would need thirty.

Me: (to myself....30? 30?!!!)

Well, today I rounded up some help and we painted the beehives. We painted them yellow. One helper painted some brown shading to make it look like a beehive. Then I did a little bit of white splatter to make it look like a craft from the store. I found some really nice bee stickers that we put on them.

As I was cutting them out, it occurred to me that they don't stand very well on their own, and if people come sit at the table, they will all start toppling over. So now I've come up with an idea to make a small stand out of the leftover wood I have. I will have my husband use his router to make a little groove in a piece of wood that the beehive will sit down in crosswise so that it will stand up.

So now....how many hours later?.....the beehives are finally done. After all this work...for simple decorations to go on a table, I just have one question. Who is the one who had this grand idea in the first place? Oh wait...that would be me. And in case you are thinking that I have a hole in my head for planning something like that for decorations...listen to the thought I had today as I was painting.
Me: Hey, you know what? I bet we could have also made beehives out of bread dough!!!


Nene said...

I am having the same experience with my pumpkin table decorations for the wedding. First I drilled holes in them but then I had to get a round file and file out each hole. Then I had to use the hose on the vacumn cleaner to vacumn the dust out of each pumpkin. I spent an ENTIRE afternoon going around to every Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and JoAnn Fabric stores to find the same gold ribbon I needed for bows. It paid off because I did find 14 rolls - after 2 trips back and forth and then back and forth again across town. Not to mention the trips back and forth to find the right LED lights to put in them.

keira said...

We did the same kind of theme for our VT conference when i was secretary but instead of beehives i found little 1 oz jars of honey online and we attached little cards that said "Bee all that you can bee!"

Inside Stories said...

I would have done artificial flowers with bees. Easier. :0)

Delirious said...

Well, one lady did make some flower pots with foam flowers and bees in it to go WITH the beehives lol. They are big tables, (the long ones) so we wanted to make sure to have enough for the whole table.