Sunday, September 16, 2007

Let's Give Each Other Some Credit

Why are people so quick to think the worst of each other? Sometimes, when someone says something, people take it at it's most negative meaning. Why do people not give each other the benefit of the doubt? Why do people think they have to play the "devil's advocate" in every discussion? It's almost like people think they should argue a point just to make sure an argument gets made. I don't think being friends or family excludes anyone from having this happen to them. People, no matter their relationship to the person, will always jump on things they say and twist it to it's worst meaning. I don't know why human nature is this way. You would think that family and friends would be the MOST understanding and tolerant of a person, but I think often that isn't the case. And is it today's society only, or has this been going on throughout time? We all need to give each other a little credit and quit thinking the worst about each other.

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Othersideblue said...

yeah i do agree with ur point of view would be a better place with lots of possible ifs.

The problem you are facing applies to my side of the world also and i bet everywhere else.

Most times even can't open my heart to the family , I will be misunderstood, or recieve useless advices, its a wonder to me too why people just don't try to understand eachother without prejudise... or is it own my fault, am still unsure